Ketä olemme?

Foodprep & Me originated from an idea by Ras from the Netherlands.

This started with the birth of his son (Armin). Becoming a father he started asking himself essential questions about life food and health. The main question: How to leave this earth behind for the next generations and more important, what will be left for my children? How can I take responsibility in this matter? The answer proved to be a lot simpler than the implementation...

He noticed that just at airports, large cities and other trendy hot spots there was little to obtain healthy food. Many products are loaded with carbohydrates, fats, E-numbers and refined sugars. There was, and still is very often no alternative to consumers as it were forced to take to them unhealthy food.

With his imagination and boundless enthusiasm he developed the idea for foodprep,

My main concern is to offer an alternative to the unhealthy chaos that currently reigns in the EU. I think many people are ready for it no longer to be made by mass production.